Strategic Scouting and Open Innovation

Bridge the gaps in your internal capabilities.  Connect with external technology and make use of existing business resources.  Develop effective strategies to identify new and promising opportunities.  Gain the skills and build the structure that will support your pathway toward Open Innovation. 

By engaging with us, you’ll learn to identify external technology-based opportunities in a way that aligns  stakeholders and promotes collaboration between business and technology teams to achieve commercialization. 
We work with your team to:
  • Define your Open Innovation strategy, management processes and metrics
  • Identify strategic technologies and uncover opportunities using our original Technology Landscape Mapping methodology
  • Achieve commercialization of strategic external technologies
  • Develop technology acquisition strategies and identify acquisition targets
  • Develop successful strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Influence corporate strategy

The “Scouting” system in our AIS platform follows our proprietary Technology Landscape Mapping framework.  It sets the structure to systematically build awareness of technology trends using a focused team-based framework. It allows for proactive identification of strategic disruptive technologies that can present both threats and opportunities.  And it delivers findings in a visual format – facilitating cross-function engagement and informing ideation and strategy

It’s About Enabling BIG Opportunities

Open Innovation (OI), and its central tenant “technical scouting”, is a proven approach for finding solutions to existing problems.  But Technology Scouting can play an equally effective role in ideation and strategy development.

Rather than using OI to solve problems as they arise, our approach is different.  Our Technology Landscape Mapping (TLM) uses Open Innovation as a strategic advantage.  It builds a comprehensive picture of the existing technology space and then helps to identify a wide range of near-term technology applications and inform dependable long-term strategies.