Our Difference

Unlike many who talk about innovation, or those who teach innovation because they studied others’ successes, we have lived and breathed it ourselves.  It is through first-hand experience, that we have come to appreciate how many variables are in play to inspire and to deliver innovations.  No single model can possibly account for it.


 This is why our approach is different. We take time to first understand our client’s organizational strategy, structure, culture and internal processes. Then we take a holistic approach to the entire innovation spectrum and, using our unique innovation models, propose solutions that align with all of these elements. This creates clear PATHWAYS TO EFFECTIVE EXECUTION AND CHANGE LEADERSHIP.

Who We Are Shapes What We Do

Innovation is our passion.  We bring over twenty years of deep and multi-dimensional experience in building innovation capabilities and in commercializing new technology and business models in mid and large sized engineering firms.  We have worked with customers and partners around the world, have left no stone unturned uncovering new ideas, and built new business platforms from scratch. But above all, we know how to influence top leadership thinking about innovation and to build and inspire world-class innovation teams.

While creating industry leading innovation practices, we learned that success can only be found in integrating them with your unique organizational assets.  This synergistic approach allows us to consistently turn the momentum of ideas into focused and effective action.

Our Expertise is multi-dimensional.  So is the perspective we offer.  Rarely do you find “composite” expertise that fuses Technology, Business, and Organization domains. This is what we bring. This is what allows us to think simultaneously along these dimensions and develop unique and practical solutions.



You can think of us as a strategic extension of your leadership team.  We partner with you to achieve short-term results and gain long-term value:

  • With unique insight from our combined business, technology and organizational expertise, our ability to help your organization to achieve results is unparalleled. We create customized and often unexpected solutions for reaching goals — even those that were previously unattainable.
  • Our measurable outcomes start by bridging the divide between strategy and execution, between short and long term views, and between existing opportunities and an organization’s ability to capitalize on them.
  • Above all, we believe you are the driver of your own success. We focus relentlessly on you achieving your goals.  We immerse ourselves with your team, and we help you build solutions that transform what members of your organization do – as individuals and collaborators.  We help you move toward reliable execution and create sustainable results.


Disruptive innovations.  Breakthrough technologies.  Blue ocean strategies.  New growth platforms.  Business model innovation.  Ten technologies that will change the world….

The ideas of great thought leaders inspire us.  They make us see things differently and feel eager to bring change to our own organizations.

But how do you move your organization from one where you might have an inspired leader to one where you have organizational capability?  How do you make that crucial jump from inspiration to action?  And how do you do it in a way that achieves measurable results, without disrupting existing operations?

It takes a rare combination of skill and experience to navigate the maze of available tactics, and to piece together the puzzle of effective innovation strategies.  InnoVentures provides this.  We excel in tailoring actionable strategies that can bring your ideas to life!

Execution is our specialty