New Opportunities

Your organization can realize new ways to build on its existing strengths and strategic external partnerships.
We help you to discover those growth opportunities by combining insights emergent from both market and technology, and to effectively navigate into the slipstream of evolving mega-trends.
We work side by side with your teams to:
  • Identify new opportunities and evaluate against applicable business strategies
  • Articulate technologies as business opportunities and make sound investment cases
  • Design new business models
  • Develop market experimentation plans
  • Identify and capitalize on critical external technologies
  • Propose M&A strategies and identify M&A targets

The GROWTHsystem in our AIS platform helps you dive deeper into areas of interest for your company.   Within a project-based structure, it helps you to define opportunity, develop and execute plans for each project, and to use systematic frameworks to drive your end goals.  Following this approach, you can launch effective innovation function in 60 to 90 days.  Then, equipped with our discovery framework, your innovation teams can identify and then capitalize on new opportunities.

Once the system is built, we train your project teams on the process and tools.  We finish by guiding them through a few initial projects.

Our framework is based on extensive experience with building opportunity pipelines in large engineering companies.  We learned that technology insights can be equally as important as the traditional market-back approaches in inspiring ideas and enabling big opportunities.  In fact, the technology foresight should be included in the forefront of the strategy planning.

Our approach, therefore, integrates a traditional market-back approach with our unique framework and tools that integrate technology insights into discovering opportunities.

GROWTH Overview

GROWTH Discovery Framework

Big IDEAS Opportunities

“Connecting the dots” – it doesn’t just happen. It’s what sets you apart.

It is not enough to just saturate your organization with ideas from all corners and departments.  Most tend to be too incremental.  And those that appear more innovative tend to lack market and business perspective.  And that creates significant roadblocks to reasonably moving them forward.

Identifying growth opportunities outside of company’s traditional space is both art and science.  But it is one critical competency that your organization needs.  You can develop it by focusing your cross-functional innovation teams on a systematic process of targeted ideation.  This is how you connect key customer challenges with your  company’s capabilities.

It is not about finding big ideas.  It is about uncovering big opportunities!