Agile Thinking™ for Growth and Innovation


Do you want to navigate emerging market trends and uncover opportunities that best fit with your company’s strength?


Do you need effective ways to accelerate your ideas to market and to align stakeholders to invest in your high-risk projects?


Are you seeking ways to reliably pin point and capitalize on emerging technologies that can be great opportunities?


Are you looking for ways to target the most promising opportunities and balance risk and reward?


Are you ready to take your innovation efforts to the next level and systematically explore white-space opportunities?

We help to deliver growth through the execution of innovation.

Our first-hand experience enables us to ask the right questions and build the right solutions for your unique challenges.

Large organizations aren’t  designed to be start-ups.  However, large organizations can innovate and move fast like a start-up company.  They just have to do it differently – within their structure and execution model.  We offer un-paralleled expertise in early stage effectiveness to turn opportunities into commercial success and to deliver high returns from R&D.


Our Agile Thinking Methodology is recognized as one of Top 10 Innovation Methodologies  by Global Innovation Management Institute. Download Agile Thinking white paper

InnoVentures® is a strategic innovation company that brings expertise on achieving growth through innovation in engineering, science & technology, and manufacturing sectors.  Building on your strengths, we infuse entrepreneurial mindset and implement practical start-up methods in corporations of all sizes enabling them to innovate faster and smarter.  Our deep expertise across the entire innovation spectrum helps you to create a unique innovation model that unlocks your organizations potential to accelerate growth. We know that success lies at that ambiguous intersection of strategy and execution.  It is because of this every organization has its unique challenges in implementing innovation. And solving these unique challenges requires a unique approach.   This is why we conceived InnoVentures as a new kind of innovation consultancy. We are built on proven thought leadership and success in leveraging technological capabilities in some of the world’s most respected global corporations.  At our core is a deep connection to the real needs of technology organizations. We combine your expertise with ours to form a unique and multi-dimensional approach to solve unique challenges by building transformative systems and processes. This enables us and the teams we work with to do more than seemed imaginable.

Forward-looking companies realize that innovation is not just about finding ideas.  Innovation is strategy.  It is how great companies think and work. But how can your company get from where it is now into that future state where the creativity is flowing and the engine is running at full speed, turning your ideas into exciting new products and offerings?  We have lived these challenges and have overcome many of them. In building InnoVentures, our vision is two-fold. We help visionary leaders create strategic pathways for growth by re-inventing their innovation systems and processes. We show how to mobilize their organizations to effectively identify new opportunities and consistently bring them to market.   And we teach their teams the critical skills needed to transform how they work as individuals and collaborators. In so doing, we create sustainable, positive change in any organization’s ability to innovate.

Innovation is at our core. We have worked in the innovation arena with world-class engineering companies for many years, where we helped to create and led delivery of substantial breakthroughs.  This has formed our strong belief in one of the key innovation principles – “connecting the dots”. By this, we mean operationalizing the art and science of uncovering hidden connections as the crucial part of value creation process.  This principle is key to our value proposition and to the central concept of our Agile Thinking approach. We look across the entire innovation spectrum and envision the connections between the essential elements of the innovation process itself.  We then join them together and align with the assets and culture of your organization.  By doing so, we enable you to accelerate innovation efforts across the organization and unlock new growth. Effectively, WE INNOVATE THE INNOVATION PROCESS.

Organizations are not created equal. Still, they are all in the same struggle against diminishing profits in the rapidly developing world economy and must find new ways to innovate.  They also face the similar challenge of innovating with speed – how to best mobilize their teams to generate new revenue streams from R&D.  How to infuse new innovation potential to create breakthroughs?  And do this without major organizational changes or extensive additional resources? This is where our Agile Thinking approach brings value to your organization. It reframes  your unique challenge  into essential innovation building blocks and assembles them into an effective and practical solution. Agile Thinking blends key principles of Agile Innovation with clear, practical and road-tested generation and execution of new growth opportunities.  And to mobilize your organization to capitalize on these, we help you to build Agile Innovation Systems TM (AIS) – roadmaps to jump-start your prospective innovation efforts, or even accelerate existing ones . We call it “ systems” because it goes beyond defining your next offering.  Founded on  “lean start-up in large corporation” principles , AIS infuses the capabilities into the organization to do this repeatedly, reliably, and efficiently. Embodying twenty  years of our own experience within leading corporations, it  has a built-in flexibility to address challenges that are unique to your organization. Whether you are at the beginning of the innovation curve or already have an existing function, learn how our Agile Thinking™  helps organizations of all sizes innovate faster and smarter, unlocking new growth with new technology and business models.

  • Identifying opportunities to create exciting new products or businesses?
  • Evaluating ideas and  selecting the most promising ones?
  • Understanding how to improve your ability to fast track ideas to market, and turn your R&D into the company’s growth engine?
  • Delivering on new opportunities based on new technology and new business models?
At InnoVentures, we understand your challenge and have expertise to help find your solution.  

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without going through major organizational changes.  Learn about our Agile Innovation Systems™ blueprint for execution.  Generate new revenue streams by uncovering new growth opportunities, building and commercializing new growth platforms, and creating new growth strategies through Open Innovation. Accell-chart-home-page

Our Agile Thinking™ methodology will help you innovate faster and smarter