New Growth Platforms

We work side by side with your team to create strategies and plans for entering new markets. By using a “market test and course correction approach”, we harness parallel technology and market development to optimize value proposition.
And we provide decision-making frameworks that minimize risk by staging investment. We also help you to define new business models, devise strategies for acquiring the needed capabilities, and build partnerships.

Most company executives must manage two types of investment: those that defend the core and those in new opportunity growth.  New opportunity growth usually entails greater levels of uncertainty, which creates more reluctance to invest.

Because of this, disruptive ideas can be easily derailed by a lack of resources and leadership support.  Instead, planned experimentation focused on understanding and reducing the sources of uncertainty is key to converting disruptive ideas into a successful business.

We use a learning plan approach to reduce uncertainties.  Implementing learning plans in the areas of User/ Market, Technology, Go-to-Market, and Organization allows you to understand and quickly reduce uncertainty.  Validation of the growth potential is achieved through prototyping which helps you to build viable pathways that bring ideas to market.

The ‘Accel’ system in our AIS platform builds on frameworks that guide your internal teams through key stages.  It provides you with tools that assist with clearing the decision-making checkpoints of the development process.  These frameworks help you address challenges as they arise, while predicting potential barriers to the development and commercialization of opportunities in the new space.

Accel Framework

It enables you to:

  • Structure and manage development programs in order to fast-track ideas to the early commercial stage
  • Manage uncertainty through parallel and iterative technology/market development
  • Reduce risk through investment staging
  • Move forward with key initiatives that involve critical external technology
  • Increase credibility with executives and other decision makers in order to reduce barriers for investment into ‘new’
  • Provide an analytical decision framework – and clear path to execution – for the key investment decision makers

Innovation opportunities begin with the identification of a compelling unmet need and follow a spiral path of interconnected and interdependent technology and business development.

But this approach isn’t without its challenges.  And one of the bigger ones is to just keep moving forward.  Progress can often be delayed, or even stopped, because of the natural reluctance to invest in the new and uncertain.

But by providing an analytical decision support framework and presenting options to stage investment, the path that key decision makers seek can be made clearer.

Our approach helps integrate long-term thinking with business decision making.  It creates an execution strategy that keeps you moving forward.