New Opportunities

Strategic Scouting and Open Innovation

What We Can Offer You
  • Technology and business expertise on commercializing New Growth Platforms
  • Industry leading Ideas on building Innovation Business Practices
  • Business advisory services
  • Strong partner network to address the entire spectrum of innovation challenges
How InnoVentures Can Help Deliver Growth

Engage with us in any of our five areas of practice.   We work collaboratively with you as an extension of your leadership team.  By applying our pay for paper editing industry-leading expertise, we assess your situation and help to create effective solutions to your unique challenges.  Together, we build a step-by-step road map for re-building your innovation capabilities, delivering innovative solutions to your customers and creating new revenue streams for your business.

For your innovation venturing efforts, we can also serve as your team’s co-member and coach. By using a structured innovation process and our road-tested frameworks, we guide your internal teams from the ideation phase to an executive pitch. Once the initial investment is approved, we coach them through parallel technology and market development to get traction in the market, and validate the revenue and profit potential.

We also navigate your technology scouting teams to proactively uncover strategic investment opportunities and to capitalize on them.

In tandem, we help you to create and maintain effective metric dashboards that measure and communicate the efforts made towards achieving your growth targets.

Explore Our Agile Innovation Systems Approach to Building Sustainable Growth Capabilities

Our approach is built on a platform of essential, yet flexible, innovation management structures.  They can be put in place without going through major organization changes, and can serve as the foundation for your organization’s future growth potential. The Agile Innovation Systems™(AIS) are blueprints for execution, helping you to:

  • Find new growth opportunities
  • Build and commercialize new growth platforms
  • Identify strategic technologies and develop new strategies through Strategic Scouting and Open Innovation

We also extend Agile Innovation Systems principles to help you create and manage a winning innovation portfolio.

We engage with your innovation leadership team to build AIS that work for your organization.  buy a custom essay We work side by side with your project teams, guiding and coaching them through a structured process.  This helps to remove barriers, solve problems, facilitate execution, and most importantly, achieve results.


Many organizations seem to think the key to innovation is continuously generating ideas.  But in reality this is rarely the best approach.  Because it’s not ideas that drive innovation, only GREAT IDEAS do.  And what defines whether an idea is great are the stages that come before and after its conception.

Great ideas focus on opportunities for solving unique and pervasive customer challenges. Great ideas also have the means to become a reality.  So having the methods in place to first identify great and unique opportunities is paramount. And building the structures and processes to deliver meaningful solutions is what allows an idea to find its true path.

In short, idea without foresight and follow-through is like a rocket ship without fuel; it’ll never get off the ground.