We Unlock Growth

           …with New Technology and Business Models

At InnoVentures, we are experts in strategic innovation.  We work with companies in science & technology, engineering, and manufacturing to ACCELERATE INNOVATION EFFORTS.
We first listen. From that, we discover what needs to be done and how to do it.  Step-by-step, we help to re-define and re-build the organizations’ capability to identify new growth opportunities and to bring innovations to market.

We believe long-term success is not just about the tools and the methods. It is about influencing how people think and inspiring their work as individuals and collaborators.

Our expertise is in both strategy and execution. It is practical, and it spans all aspects of innovation and cuts across all innovation domains.

As practiced strategists, technologists, R&D organization architects, and business developers, we can bring keen insight into your challenges because we “lived” them.

As hands-on practitioners and collaborators, we help to develop and implement solutions to these challenges. Solutions that are practical and tailored to the needs of your unique situation, and that take into account change management aspects. This becomes your embedded “know-how” when our work is done.

“Innovation Window” Challenge

Are you a leader who is expected to deliver rapidly new and improved products in their existing domains?  Are you also counted on to identify opportunities in new and evolving arenas? If so, you are very familiar with challenges in the so-called “innovation window”. So are we.

Through buy essay online building an organization’s ability to innovate, we help committed executives address these challenges   By engaging directly with leaders and their teams, we focus on how to unlock the organization’s talent and create breakthroughs toward positive, scalable change.


Accelerating Growth Across Your Organization

The key to accelerating innovation is to first create the right focus, and then find a way to support your strategy with the right resources. You don’t necessarily need to create a new department or hire more people to start seeing results.  Instead, you can apply an agile approach to innovation management – you can design systems and processes that are flexible, scalable and adaptable to your structure.

Agile Innovation Systems™ (AIS) helps you do just that.  Our approach allows you to be dynamic in creating and delivering new business offerings to market.

We use our expertise and the AIS approach to design and implement effective solutions for:

  • Discovering new opportunities
  • Building new growth platforms
  • Identifying strategic technologies and developing partnerships
  • Creating organizational practices that foster execution

Your organization’s leadership is responsible for delivering growth, and this important responsibility puts it face to face with many complex and ambiguous problems. 

 How do you identify potential areas of expansion?  How do you balance short and long-term strategies?  How do you navigate all potential risk and reward scenarios?  And how do you guide resources toward the most promising opportunities?

 These are not separate questions about market, technology, strategy, effective processes, innovator skills, and culture. These are interconnected challenges, and the single customessaysonline most important factor underlying all of them is an organization’s innovation capabilities

 This is where InnoVentures excels.  Connecting the dots and unlocking new value. Whether pursuing market leadership in a field where you already succeed, or entering a new market.  Whether using traditional methods, or applying new and emerging innovation management trends. 

We help you to create or optimize the building blocks of your innovation function and find the most effective ways to accelerate your innovation efforts.