Informing Strategy through Scenario Planning

Adapted Scenario Planning methodology to uncover disruptions and opportunities at the intersection of Technology and Socio-Economic Trends. Generated input into Technology Road maps resulting in a new tool for the company to consider strategic options. 



Thinking Beyond Incremental

A company needed a way to engage its broader Technology organization to think beyond the incremental and proactively identify future possibilities.  We led their technology and strategic marketing team through scenario planning to identify potential disruption and uncover new growth areas.

Interviewed Stakeholders, Defined focus, Created scenarios

We interviewed the executive leadership team asking them to define a key issue, question, or a decision at hand and a relevant timeframe.  In a workshop setting, the team identified important driving forces and critical uncertainties, and designed nine distinct, plausible business scenarios.

Engaged Organization to Discuss Implications and Strategic Choices

We then engaged the broader organization by conducting eleven breakout sessions involving more than one hundred participants in which important implications of the scenarios were identified. The scenarios provided a shared context for evaluating the risks associated with a wide range of strategic choices.

Scenario Outcomes Informed Strategy and Technology Road Maps

The Scenario Planning workshops identified both significant growth opportunities and potential gaps in current capabilities. This informed important strategic decisions that progressed into the implementation stage. The company also gained a tool for considering strategic options in the future.