Capitalizing on “Blue Ocean” Opportunities

Defined a precise opportunity, created its offering and road-mapped a plan to capitalize on it, and course-corrected to overcome barriers.



Uncovering un-served markets

A company was looking for new growth opportunities beyond incremental improvements in its traditional markets. Over the course of a few years, we applied our systematic process of combining market and technology insights and the “job-to-be done” approach to uncover a few large un-served market areas totaling over $2 billion.  In each case, we articulated the opportunity and designed its offering based on a new technology and business model. We also built and argued the case for resourcing and moving the programs into the development stage.

Devising strategy and execution plans to enter new territory

By creating market test plans, building strategic partnerships, and testing prototypes, we refined the offering and business model. We helped to design partnership agreements, guide the staged investment, and develop a business plan for the market entry – advancing a few new business platforms into the early commercialization stage.