Bringing Technology to the Forefront of Strategic Planning

Developed a method to identify and capture technology trends in a way that influenced strategic business decisions. The company made investments into new technology platforms.


Bringing emerging technology trends to the forefront of Corporate Strategic Planning

One company needed a payforessay method to payforessay incorporate information on emerging technology trends into strategic planning. There was a shared recognition among company leaders of the critical importance of identifying potential opportunities as well as disruption for the current business.  But the challenge was how to gather and distill relevant information in a way that created the logic and tools for using that information during the actual strategy planning process.

Capturing emerging technology trends

Working with the team of technology and strategic marketing experts, we developed a method to identify and capture emerging technology trends.  This method was applied to the company’s key technology domains.  The resulting deliverable was a roadmap of which trends in each domain would impact the company’s four major business segments and where potential opportunities existed.

We also created visualization tools to essay writing service present the findings in a business context during the strategic essay writing service business planning sessions.

Identifying new growth areas

By generating a reach set of recommendations for the Executive Management Council on potential growth areas top priority ideas quickly moved into an evaluation stage by the technology and business teams. As a result, the company made investments into a few new business platforms.