Bringing customer focus into the key R&D business process

Integrated the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Methodology with the stage-gate process to increase the project hit rate.



Core business process revision

A company had the level of revenues from new products that was among the highest in its industry.  In order to maintain it, it was looking for ways to increase the project hit rate and reduce post-launch manufacturing hurdles. The manufacturing issues resulted in product delivery delays and higher than expected costs.

Building renewed and stronger processes

We worked with the R&D leadership team to integrate the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Methodology with the stage gate process.  The focus was on using a systematic approach for defining customer needs early in the process and translating them to measurable objectives for the project teams.  The project performance objectives were then consistently measured with a set of the DFSS scorecards integrated with the stage-gate deliverables.

Company-wide adoption, with training and certification program

A customized company-wide training program for the project teams and the business gatekeepers was designed and delivered. We also developed a certification process that the company has used as part of its “Quality Belt” program since 2008.